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Welcome Samhain

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Tonight is the start of Samhain and though I’ve no harvest to end I’ll still celebrate. We’ve costumes prepared for tonight’s trick or treating. The boys wanted to be something too difficult for me to make – Ethan will be Ratchet, from Ratchet and Clank (video game) and Victor will be Mater, from the Cars movies. Ken and myself are going as Skull Boy and Ruby Gloom from one of the boys’ favourite shows (at the moment, at least). Ken’s already in costume, for work, and I’ll be doing mine later. I’m pretty excited, to be honest.

In a while I’ll be doing my yearly tarot spread. I hope for a lot, this year. Hopefully my hopes reach the Gods.


Saturday, October 29th, 2011

I’m feeling especially productive (and good about that) today. I’ve just finished up making some trick or treat bags and I’m rather pleased with how they turned out. They should work for a long time and they’re cute (you can’t see in the pics, but the fabric is very sparkly).

I don’t do things half-assed, so they’re lined and the fabric pattern is oriented upright on all sides and the handles are well and properly anchored. These puppies are *sturdy*. The boys are super excited about Monday night. It’ll be our first time trick or treating. They decided on character costumes this year, so I couldn’t make them, but Ken and I are dressing up and those costumes we *did* make.

I also ordered some yarn for a “contract” knitting project (I say “contract” because it’s family, but not me giving to the recipient and I’m not buying the yarn out of pocket – and saying contract makes me feel important and fancy). It’s a cardigan for Rick, Ken’s step-father, to match one that he had made for his son and that his grandson now wears. I’m going to have to work *hard* to get it done by Christmas, but it’s a bulky weight yarn so that’s in my favour. Here’s hoping!

Mind Blowing

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Ken just blew my mind.

It’s cold this morning, so he wore the gloves I made him last year to work. The gloves with a purpose.

Computing in a cold workplace gloves.

Gaming in a cold house gloves.

(Image not shown cause it’s a new-found purpose)
Smartphone friendly gloves.

Brilliant, yes? His co-workers don’t agree. He said they looked at them and shook their heads (!!). He explained their purpose and they.didn’ WTH!? Are these gloves so incomprehensible?

A Great Weekend (and other stuff)

Monday, October 24th, 2011

We went up to VT this weekend for Gram’s 75th surprise birthday party. Had lunch with Gramps and Nana (3hr drive – not too bad) and spent the afternoon playing with Gramps slot cars and outside some (surprising rain and cooler than here so not nice and nice all at once). Spent the night at Grammy’s (which went very well), then Ken and I left early for the party location, stopping for a “brief” trip to the King Arthur Flour bakery store nearby. I was supposed to just get yeast but Ken, The Enabler, was with me so I came out with minced ginger, double-dutched cocoa, powdered espresso, cinnamon bits, along with the yeast I needed. And some super yummy cider (but I was going low so that was ok). The party was a blast and, along with having a great time, we had the chance to have some good talks with family members. The boys had a load of fun playing with their cousins, especially Ethan with his younger cousin Kaleigh, who’s recently been diagnosed as Autistic. We, and her parents, agree that kids sense these things and I expect they found kindred spirits in each other. Apparently Kaleigh doesn’t play readily with others. We had a good drive back, coming in at just under 3hrs from the party location, and the boys were very well behaved all weekend.

The other stuff deals with the fact that Ethan has had a cold developing since late last week and this morning was “pop” day so he’s home sick today. Being male and sick, he is naturally driving me up the wall.

Midlife Crisis

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Well, not so much “midlife” since we’re not old enough for that and this has nothing to do with concerns about our age, but crisis all the same. Perhaps a better way to view it is the Generativety vs. Stagnation stage of life. A deep desire to help society and “make things better”, but without a concrete idea of how to make that happen. Coupled with that is that Ken’s really quite unhappy with the job and where we are, means that we’re desperate for change.

Sheep farmers. Ken sees an elaborate setup wherein we raise them ourselves, then process the fleece into clothes. I think he’s a little… optimistic about the scope of things, though I do like the idea of raising sheep. Unfortunately, unless we win the lottery and can buy property and such, it’s not terribly likely to happen so easily.


House Update

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

We heard, today, that the appraisal for the house was submitted to PennDOT on Oct 5 for review and approval – which can take another 4+wks. If there’s no changes necessary, we’ll hear about it around the first week or two of November. No idea what the number is, though. This waiting is killing me!


Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

What’s the one thing most likely to drive me bat*&$# crazy in regards to moving? (not)Losing stuff. I’m trying to assemble a costume for Halloween, and I need a particular dress. In fact, it’s my favourite. I.can’ I know where I wore it last, I’ve checked the most obvious places it could be, I’ve gone through the closet 3 times (it’s deep and dark, so hard to easily go through). Nowhere. I’m freaking out a bit because I love this dress. It looks great on, it’s comfortable, it’s versatile, it’s not replaceable.

I know Ken will help me look tonight. I hope we find it. :(

<i>Edit: Ken found it.  In the closet.  Yeesh!</i>

Dinner Cinema

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Tonight we went to the most brilliant place imaginable and had a fantastic time. Where? you ask? It’s a place, local, called Cinema Pub. You go for a movie, sit in a theater…and here’s the brilliance… you eat dinner. With drinks!

Unlike a standard theatre with stadium seating it’s a big open, flat room with two aisles and tables set up along the walls and down the center. Comfortable, swivel chairs that encourage slouching and plastic utensils/cups were the tools as well as a great waitress who was cute, quiet, and sweet. It was late (7:30) so we went for the appetizer route – two each, proving to be our downfall since we each only finished one and picked at our other – and a glass of beer (they also had some Mike’s hard stuff and wine – a decent variety of all types). We saw My Idiot Brother, which is cute and funny and simple. The dinner cost about $40, plus $6/ea for movie tickets.

Absolutely brilliant, and we’re definitely going back (though only one appetizer each, I think). :P These things should be everywhere. Dinner Theater, with a movie instead. Brilliant!

A Busy Weekend and A Disappointed Deal

Friday, October 7th, 2011

We’ve big plans for this weekend, though not as big as they were going to be. We had planned on going to a Renaissance Faire that’s quite large and quite local, this Saturday. Unfortunately, when checking ticket prices and taking into account the higher cost of foods there and the costume rental for the boys that we’d planned and buying a few things we’re inevitably going to want to buy…. it was just adding up to too much. We’re going to skip it this year and go next. It might give me time to try making my own corset (eep! how do I come up with these crazy ideas?!) since mine is, now, about 2″ too big (equally “YAY!” and “Boo!” – I only got to wear it once so I may try to sell it on ebay or something). It still fits, just doesn’t support me well ifyaknowwhatImean.  I’m hoping maybe Ken and myself can go out for a nice dinner date tomorrow night,  instead.

So the plans start with this afternoon when I pick up Ethan from school, early (to avoid the school-run rush) to go to a dr’s appt, handing Victor over to Ken at the dr’s office to give Ethan and I some peace while seeing the dr. Ken and Victor will then be driving to Logan Arpt to pick up Sharon (Grammy) who’s flying in tonight. They’ll eat out dinner, so no pizza tonight. Ethan and I will be hitting up a toy store after his appt and then dinner ourselves (and shoes for him cause BIG FEET!).

The toy store is because he has a bowling birthday party on Sunday. Because of Ethan’s aversion to loud noise, last weekend we checked out the bowling alley. Knowing how loud they are, I expected hands over ears, cowering, and asking to leave immediately. Instead we played an hour and the boys had an absolute blast!

The music was loud enough to hurt *my* ears, but Ethan was fine (?!). They even turned on the “Cosmic Bowling” lights and such shortly before we left and the boys were very amused by that.

As for The Deal… *le sigh*. I’ve decided to amend it that I’ll order the yarn once I’m *done* the sleeve. I’m done 4.5 diamonds worth of 7 diamonds up the center panel, but they’re going *really* slowly. I’m hoping to get to 5.3 because that’s when the sleeve, worked in a tube, splits (armpit) and it should go more quickly through the shoulder shaping. However, I’ve today, so that’s not likely going to happen today. I’ve also decided, in the ultimate act of generosity and magnanimity, that I’m going to finish Ken’s cardigan first (that was harder to say than you’d think – this is definitely a sacrifice for love). It’s a nice cardi, though. Should go fast and has a nice detail around the bottom hem (scroll to the bottom to see a better pic).

Also! I got the most adorable shoes last weekend!! I went to the local outlet mall, looking for shoes that’ll work with my Renn Faire outfit (had strappy leather sandals last time that have since passed on their mortal coil). I found some that will mostly work, but were just too cute to pass up!

Kawaii!! Am I right? They were marked down from $110 (*gasp!*) to $32 (ahh!) and are *wicked* comfortable (weird! comfortable *and* cute shoes?!).

They’re heels/wedges, and add a goodly amount of height to moi, but that’s good for my posture. :P I’m already fairly tall, so what’s a few more inches to make me stand out even more? :P

Progress of The Deal

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Well, there’s 7 diamond patterns on the sleeve, I didn’t knit at all yesterday (bad day), and so far I’ve just started diamond #4. I’m hoping to be done it by evening end but feeling a bit unsure on that.

I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

A Deal With Myself

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Ok. I am com*plete*ly smitten with a new cardigan. Honestly, I know I’m a little more than a little crazy. But seriously:

Isn’t it just perfect?! I adore the colour (naturally), and the fit looks great (I’ll likely put in a button/toggle) and that yarn is quite affordable comparatively speaking).

Problem: I’ve got my current cardigan missing one sleeve and a collar (and, y’know, being put together and blocked), plus a cardigan for Ken, mittens for Ethan, mittens for Victor, mittens for me, and tea cozy to make, too. Ignoring the partly finished shawl (not-paying-attention-knitting), cabled purse, and socks that I’ve got on the side. Trust me, this is normal among knitters – having so many projects on the side and in the queue. So don’t worry about *that* aspect of my sanity.

So. The deal. I’m dealing with myself that if I can finish the 2nd sleeve *this* week, then I’ll order the yarn on Saturday and finish the collar, seaming and blocking while it ships next week (which won’t take long since it’s a MA company – I’d drive, but 2hrs each way is a bit much, gas-wise).

Then we’ll see how fast I can whip up that beautiful green lovely!

Um… and the other stuff, too. :P

In Reverse

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Get upset and (want to) run away from home.
Get a job and rent a place.
Own your car.
Get married.
“Buy” a house.
Have a few kids.

More or less the usual progression. Often it feels like we’ve done it all in reverse; or at least jumbled up.

It’s not right, for us, here. We’re not happy. Ken’s not happy. I’m not happy. We’re trying to formulate the best plan to move to VT (or NH, if a job happens there – though Ken isn’t sure he wants to do engineering anymore).

We’re tired of being so far from family. Tired of not fitting in or finding a place that feels right to put down roots. We need to feel fulfilled, and we don’t. So we’re going to strive for that, for better or for worse. We’ll try to stay around until the end of the school year, but who knows what will happen.