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King of the Mountain.

It rained Friday night.

We like rain.

A lot.

A bit chilly to hose them off, yet.

Victor, especially, needed much bathing.

So we took some wood…

And some soil…

And created a garden.

The only problem we came across is that it’s been made apparent to us that the earth dudes brought way WAY too much soil, so the last bed is, um… sculptural… and we have no idea what to do with the extra soil.  We’ve already created beds where we hadn’t intended them (see the side and back beds) and we gave the privet hedge some extra soil (I’ll be giving them some sunflower seeds this week, too).  Ahh gift horses…

Before and after (if a little shady early in the morning).  Not too bad for a day’s work (Saturday was Ken building the boxes and boys playing in mud, Sunday was shovel shovel shovel and boys playing in mud).

2 Responses to “A Pictoral Journey Through Mother’s Day”

  1. Dee Says:

    That looks like a blast for the boys! And gorgeous gardens, too.

  2. Pen Says:

    Just found your blog through “Julia”. Wanted to tell you that you will need that extra dirt once the other settles. Found that out years ago when we put in flower beds and such. It settles and you will really wonder where it all went! I will snoop around in your blog a bit more now.