I planted eggplant and pepper seeds almost 2wks ago. Last night I went searching for what happened last year – to see how long it took for sprouts to appear. 2-4wks is what they *should* take, under ideal conditions (which I don’t provide since I don’t want the office set at 85F). Today, I found…

There’s 3 of them, that I can find. They’ve already grown from when I first caught them this morning. I’m a happy gardener.

2nd green thing today is my Elemental skirt, so named because the bottom pattern is a leaf pattern (earth), the 2nd pattern is a candle flame pattern (fire), the 3rd looks like gusty wind to me, and the last will be a wavy pattern (water).

I’ve tried it on, and I maybe should have made it bigger but blocking will definitely help that so it’s hard to say. Either way I love the colour and it’s enjoyable, if taking a while. :P I’m about halfway done, and it seems I’ll have lots of yarn leftover for something else; all of which makes me a happy knitter.

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