Ethan was mispronouncing the word “mighty” so, as we tend to do, Ken sat down in front of the fridge with him and showed him with the fridge letters how to spell “might” so that he could understand (seeing the letters helps him hear the sounds better). They then started switching out the first letter to spell other “ight” words (knight, blight, sight, light, etc). After going through every word we could think of, Ken chuckled and said he was going to do something different and put up an “e”. Ethan immediately, and without pause, said (properly) “eight! HA HA! That’s eight!”

We got a little packet for the end of this semester’s marking period, included with it was a list of the sight words they’ve learned:

a, the, can, at, I, am, like, is, big, in, but, it.

Words that Ethan knows by sight:

beautiful, would, everything, curious, and how to read suffix’. (This is a short list – it’s hard to pull up random words to mind.)

His driver, Diane, suggests we have him tested for giftedness. I think we would, if it weren’t for his adhd and some issues with testing. Maybe next year things will be calmed down somewhat. Suffice it to say, he’s excelling in his academics with some slight improvement in his behaviour. We’re pleased.

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