I planted my tomato seeds last week…

So far so good with germination. The hybrids are taking longer than the heirlooms, but they’re doing better than last year so I won’t complain. Plus I need all that I can get since germination of the eggplants this year has been poor.

Also planted Celeriac seeds (it’s celery, but in root form – new veggie for us!), and so far they’re doing well, too.

Peppers and eggplants were transplanted into larger abodes yesterday.

The peppers, especially, have been growing like crazy! Seriously…worrisome…crazy.

I’ll likely need to transplant them into larger homes in a few weeks, but for now this is what they get. They all did beautifully, save one that didn’t seem to make it (top row, near the middle). I’m impractically optimistic that it’ll perk up, but realistically sure it’s a goner. That’s alright, since there was one tiny eggplant seedling that hasn’t grown it’s real leaves yet that I can fill the void with once it’s ready.

Next gardening day is March 13, wherein I need to magically gain a whole lot of space to plant onion seeds (in the range of 150-200) plus brussels sprouts and luffa. I’ll also be planting in the garden at that point (yes! before my frost date!) as beets and turnips like the cold. Sometime between now and then I need the ground to thaw a whole bunch so I can fluff up and prepare their bed.

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