It’s cool and cloudy and will likely rain a time or two today. No matter though. I don’t mind the rain today.

It’s laundry day (on the go), I did the bread yesterday (then forgot to store it last night so it’s a bit extra crunchy now), and made a crocheted, kitchen cotton grocery bag yesterday afternoon. They’ll be my new weekend project (since they only take a day). They worked out really nicely, they’re super cheap, easy to clean, easy to make, and eco-friendly. We were getting very tired of having so many plastic grocery bags every week. We took them back to recycle, but it’s still wasteful.

Runt was completely quiet yesterday. It’s making up for it today by breaking with the schedule we established last week (quiet until after lunch then kick mommy until bedtime) and has already started with the aerobics. :) I don’t mind… yet. ;)

I had another dream about Mom last night. I’ve never dreamed about her this much. In this one she and Dad (who I knew, in my dream, was in the hospital and couldn’t have been helping her – however…) surprised us by landscaping the entire yard/house while we were away one day (and the subsequent night since we didn’t discover what they’d done until morning). It was beautiful, and after I ran around the house looking out windows to see it all (who knows why I didn’t go outside) Mom gave me a set of keys and said to look outside again. She’d bought me a brand new, navy blue, pick-up truck. Now, granted, Ken and I have already established that we’ll likely need one at some point of the future, but we also established that he’ll be the one to drive it (I’m not that comfortable driving such a large vehicle – though I’m sure I’d adjust). I showed Ken and we went to find Mom and thank her and she’d gone. I was upset that I hadn’t the chance to say good-bye or thank you for what they’d given us, and confused as to why she’d left so suddenly.

You may think this dream is fairly transparent in it’s meaning, but the truth is that before she died I *did* have the chance (many times – we were very close) to thank her for everything she’s done for me and to say good-bye. *shrug* Who knows. Ultimately, it’s nice to be able to hug her again, even if it’s in a dream. Nobody hugs like my (or your) Mom hugs. I miss that most of all.

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