Good thing we have the box fan. I’d never get any sleep without it.

I’ve decided this morning that perhaps I *will* take a few pregnancy photos. I’m kinda proud of the belly now that it doesn’t look so much like I’m fat. :P It’ll be my marker that this is the biggest I’m (hopefully) ever letting myself get. After the runt is born (and I’m all healed up) I’m going to do my best to lose weight. We’ll see how that goes. I’d like to make a good example to my kids to remain active their entire lives. My own parents didn’t really exercise, as adults, and because of that I think I’m less inclined to do so myself – by nature. I don’t want to have overweight kids, so they can’t have overweight parents. Simple. ;)

I realized last night that I’m not going to have enough yarn for the pants part of the pants and sweater. It’s yarn I got in Canada, so I can’t get more. That’s alright though. The sweater is really cute and I’ll use the leftovers to make toys. I’m going to make a few stuffed balls and buy some jingle bells to put inside the stuffing. So I’ve started on the first of the fuzzy projects. It’s in this main colour with this as the accent colour on the edging. I should have enough for the sweater, pants, and hat – the booties are still up in the air and will be done last with the leftovers. After that it’s this for the runt, in this as the main colour and whatever leftovers I have in the accent (green, or the above colours – likely green though). After that I’ve got some Priority=2nd class projects to do for my pregnant friends, and I’m done! I may, or may not, make a snuggly blanket for the runt – we’ll see. I’m going to be particular about it because I’d want to find *just* the right yarn (as soft as I could get my hands on, and in the right colours that I like). It won’t be a “proper” blanket, just something the babe can snuggle with or keep warm with on chilly winter days. I may pass on that, though, in favour of making one of these for the runt. It’s a fairly basic design and I should be able to pick up a pattern for it (if not, I’m sure I could wing it). It’s just fleece, with no special stitching or complicated anything – and it’s great for keeping a squirmy kid covered when they sleep.

I realized today that I need to clean the house more often. I’m a bit disapointed in myself that I’ve been slacking on that. I don’t know how Ken puts up with it. :/

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