Lets start with the bad and end with the good, shall we?
Friday kicked off with lots of anticipation for this weekend. Weather was to be perfect, nothing scheduled for us to do other than enjoy ourselves, Summer Solstice/Litha/1st Anniversary weekend. That was squashed by the call I got halfway through dinner from my Aunt Virginia. Lea had called her collect from the hospital saying things had turned bad for Dad and the dr’s said she should “notify the family” (in retrospect I have no idea why they said it like that – panicky bastards got me all upset). I called the hospital and talked to his nurse. His left lung was collapsed (again!) and they’d found either a tooth or calcium deposite in his right lung. His right lung, too, was surrounded by fluid and wasn’t inflating fully. Yay. His bp dropped very suddenly and dramatically yesterday afternoon. They had him on two meds to deal with that. He was fully ventilated again and wired up because there was a problem with the “problem free pic line”. *commence eyes rolling* He’s too fragile to send in for surgery to remove whatever it is in his right lung – that’ll have to wait til later, if it can. He’s hardly producing any urine and his potassium levels were really high, so they believe his kidney’s have stopped functioning. They gave him a diuretic to flush him out, hoping that’d help, and were going to call in a Nephrologist to consult. They mentioned they may have to put him on dialysis for the time being. (It wouldn’t be permanent because the renal failure is situationally initiated, and not a progressive problem – though he’s had some slight kidney problems in the recent past which had gotten much much better before all this happened.) General prognosis: Big slide back down the hill, lets take it one moment at a time. I spent friday night first crying then worrying.

Saturday morning I called the hospital again to see how he’d done overnight. His bp stabilized, thanks to the drugs. They drained the fluid from around his right lung and it was working fine, they were going to put a tube directly into his left lung (I don’t know if they meant through his side or down his throat – likely his side since he’s already got tubes filling his throat up) to try and encourage it to re-inflate. They hadn’t had the Nephrologist in yet (later in the day). A trifle reassuring for the time being. I talked to Lea later Saturday night and she didn’t sound all that concerned about the dialysis. Perhaps I am because of how much I know about renal failure and she likely doesn’t know.

So Friday was a bit of a bust, after the news came. I went to bed feeling very depressed, hoping that sleep would give me a brighter frame of mind to work with. Saturday morning didn’t prove so much different though. I was still depressed, but not as much about Dad (after finding out he’d stabilized) as about… well… just depressed. We were supposed to go get the Jeep registered, go for lunch at the place we had our Wedding Dinner last year, and grocery shop. I didn’t feel like doing anything. Ken and his magical make-Kelly-feel-better-about-anything snuggles helped, after some time, and we were on our way. Lunch was superb, as always, groceries were expectedly expensive but it was payday friday so that was ok, and the weather was glorious. When we got home (and after the groceries were away) we didn’t feel like being in the house so we chilled on the deck for a while. It was a perfect “swing in a hammock” kinda day, but if we had one there’d be no room on our tiny deck for anything else. ;) We had lunch-leftovers for dinner and relaxed the whole rest of the day. It was a very good day.

Sunday we were supposed to go to a matinee and go to the park we were married in. We found the movie we’d wanted to see playing a bit later (3pm) which gave us enough time for poutine for lunch, quick trip to the park, then it was Potter-time. Lunch was superb, we missed the park, and Harry Potter was the best of the 3 movies to date. I thought it followed the book perfectly in all the right places, and really left you wondering until the final conclusion. It was dark, and more mature (fitting for the maturing character development) and I wasn’t surprised when the toddler in the row beside ours started crying near the end (scary monsters appeared). He couldn’t have been more than 2, and though I know HP is a young film it’s not a baby-film. The rest of the evening was relaxing.

This morning I discovered that my burn-blisters have *finally* all but deflated fully. I’m less likely to brush them against anything now/bump them. I’m glad about that. :)

I hope all of my father-type-friends had a great weekend!

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