Yesterday was a rather emotionally charged one. Something got me angry early in the afternoon and it continued until early evening. After a while I was more angry that I couldn’t become *not* angry, than angry at anything in particular. These hormones are kinda crazy!

Yesterday afternoon, after waking up from a nap, I was lying on my stomach and felt the baby move. I felt down to see where it was and could feel it’s back curled against my tummy across my whole stomach. It was really neat! The runt was doing lots of moving around and kicking last night as we watched some anime, too.

We sometimes watch CNN news in the morning, since there’s no good cartoons on during the summer. I’m pretty disgusted at the downslide back towards intolerance for homosexual couples that I’ve been seeing lately. Things were so promising before Bush was elected, and now equal benefits are being taken away, the right to marry

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