The exciting thing that’s happened this morning is floral. I’d planted morning glory seeds – one of each that I have – at the base of the vertical posts in the garden trellis system. They’ve been growing and doing well – the pink ones started blooming about a month ago. This morning I’ve a shade of blue to add, and the new colour is enchanting.

Don’t worry about the side bed being all shaded – there’s nothing but weeds there anyways. :P I’m working on it.

Here’s a bit closer of the trellis where the blue ones are (on the left):

So now I have 4 colours of Morning Glories:

I’m definitely going to try to save the seeds from all 4 colours, for next year.

We’ll be harvesting the first of the zucchini tomorrow, and today Victor gobbled up an entire pepper on his own. Here’s the sweet peppers:

Doing very well and I’m almost sorry I told Ken’s work-spouse to help himself to whatever’s ripe when he comes to check on the cats while we’re away. :P

And the Hot Peppers…

That? That’s one plant. :o

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