finished hats for boys for our trip down to Disney. can now die in relative peace… (pattern, pics when I’m not dying.) used two old, dress shirts of the boys and some pants that didn’t fit anymore. learned how to machine embroider outline (badly). brim’s maybe too large. don’t care atm.

I have one of those colds that feels like Victor is sitting on your chest (49lbs as of yesterday, OY!). It feels like I’ve barely the strength to take my next breath. I’m glad our menu is flexible enough and has so much spaghetti scattered here and there (we try for twice a week cause it’s cheap and healthy) since I can just make that tonight. Boil pasta, dump sauce from jar (the boys don’t like theirs heated so cold sauce cools down hot pasta), serve. Maybe if I have some energy saved up I’ll steam some veggies too. Victor’s favourite food in the world is broccoli.

Last week I found that the boys like asparagus so Ken is comPLETEly outnumbered in his bid to make this a non-asparagus house (he hates it because of the stinky pee thing). When I have a garden, next, I’m *so* planting some. I’ll convert him… eventually.

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