So I don’t think I can knit today – even typing is a struggle – because yesterday, while peeling potatoes, I seem to have strained my wrist. Bugger *hurts*! *BIG POUT* I’ve been working on an adorable cardigan for myself and am just about to start the hip increases (body worked in one piece from top down, so about 2/3-3/4 done). Mine’s also orange because I think it’ll look great on me. Am weird, yes.

Last night was a horrible night for me, emotionally. My cycle is quite predictable in that every month I have one day that’s just the worst of the worst and (literally – I’ve nicknamed it my suicide-day). That was yesterday (feeling better now). Suicide-Day happens 10 days before my starts. Exactly. (I have a great app for my phone that helps me track my cycles, moods, symptoms, everything – it’s awesome!) Problem is, I appear to be over a week early. THAT is weird. Now I’m all curious to know if my cycle is going to surprise me with a short cycle or surprise me with a wrongly-forecasting suicide-day. Who said periods aren’t exciting?! :P

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