The “land solutions” company (people who’re the go-between for us and the state) have received the cheque from the state and asked our mortgage company for the balance of our loan. In 24-48hrs we’ll know exactly what we’ll end up with, after all of it, in pocket.

Kinda sucks since we had until the 16th to pay the mortgage for the month (with a small late fee) and we were told the cheque would be in somebody’s hands after then, so we paid the mortgage, meaning we’re out about a thousand in interest. Sucks. However, that gives us a big window to deal with whatever is involved in closing this thing up (signed papers and such).

It’ll be nice to have this mess dealt with and be not *as* broke. Option 1: we stay here for another year, saving up money for our farm enterprise idea. Option 2: we don’t, and are happier (and broker).

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