So I did some thinking and went back to look at the one I’d chosen. I thought about the attributes I desired (cute, mobile, lightweight, long battery life) and those that were important but not *as* important (cpu power, larger screen size), and realized that I don’t want a notebook. I want a netbook. So I looked around at more than just NewEgg (their netbook selection sucks now). I looked at the Acer website (since Ken is getting one and I *was* going to) to see if they had anything to offer. Surprisingly, they did! Even compared to my current netbook manufacturer’s website (Asus), they had a much wider and more powerful selection. I found one, compared numbers, looked up CPU benchmarks and showed them to Ken when he came over to see what I’d found. He was quite impressed with one – saying “It’s got the power of a notebook!” to one of them.

That was the one I had been leaning toward, and what I ultimately chose. The Acer Aspire One 722-0474. It’s $200 cheaper than the notebook I had earlier chosen. It’s got a 1.5″ larger screen (with a better aspect ratio – something that annoys me with the old netbook). It’s got a conSIDERably more powerful CPU (similar to how the old netbook was at the time), a really decent video card, 4G of Ram (loads for a netbook) and a haYUGE amount of storage (500GB! my old netbook has an 83GB and a 62GB and I use 52GB of *one* of those). The battery will last me 7hrs (not quite up to the 9hr battery my old one used to deliver, but pretty decent all the same).

I’m happy. I’ll have to think up a name for it, I think. Any suggestions?

It’ll be here tomorrow. I’m kinda excited. :)
Did I mention it’s red? (burgundy) I like it.

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