The new computers have arrived. We unboxed together and I’m amused at the little details they paid attention to, comparatively speaking. Ken’s was basic, manly. The surface of his is a teeny tiny faux diamond stamped metal on the outside, and teeny tiny faux chain link pattern on the inside. Very manly. Mine has a 3D wave on the outside surface that’s a ripple effect. The velcro for my power cord is the newer, quiet, softer type and the plug has a fully rotating head – small, surprising details that make me feel like this is a more feminine system. I’m calling mine Ruby, for obvious reasons.

Getting used to a full sized keyboard is going to take a while (Precious has a 92% which works well with girly hands). Ken’s tickled, though he won’t admit it. He’s spending his time stripping it down and making it *cue serious voice* “work focused” (he’s so cute!). He named his Athanor, which is very apropos and all, but I’m likely going to call it Skull Boy. :P

I’m tired, so transferring over everything from Precious is going to have to wait til tomorrow. It’s thinner, the screen’s definitely bigger, the touchpad feels weird and I keep triggering it when I don’t want to (same thing happened when I got Precious – it’s a learning curve). The surface is a nice matte, though, and definitely won’t show up smudges. I’ll see how fast it is tomorrow, and stare into the gaping maw of the hard drive.

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