Ugh.  I hope it goes by more quickly than it did with Ethan, though I’ll accept if it takes the same amount of time since that would have me in *real* labour before our induction date (ohpleaseohpleaseohplease!).  All the same, it sucks and I’m less than comfortable.  Here’s hoping it’s being productive, at least a little.

The contractions are coming and going… hour of every 5mins, hour off, hour of every 10-15mins, half-hour off.  Ugh indeed.  C’moooooon LABOUR!

I’ll be really ticked if I go through all this to end up being induced anyways.  Cross your fingers, knock on wood, and pray for real labour for me, ok?

3 Responses to “Pre-labour”

  1. Kevbo Says:

    *fingers crossed*

  2. T Says:

    Get the towels! Get the blankets!

    *runs in circles*

    *runs into Ken who is running in circles*

    I don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies! ;)

  3. Dee Says:



    *crosses fingers but knows you’re going to be all right anyway*