From what happened last night, and remembering my (rather hurried) prelabour with Ethan, I feel a lot more confident about how labour is going to go this time around.  Fairly similarly, I expect, which is a big reassurance.  The pains were the same (though much more mild and not getting any worse – so I know it wasn’t real labour), and seem to follow a similar initial pattern (more in the afternoon and evening, especially around post-dinner time, less/none in the early morning).

I was disappointed last night when they tapered off and I realized what was going on (not real labour).  I felt excited last night.  I’ve felt better since the other day, but the excitement still hasn’t been there.  It’s way overshadowed by the disappointment at being induced (especially now when things are doing *some*thing).  But last night there was excitement; at something happening and at a prospective birth and my newest little boy.

So we wait, now.  I’m hoping more starts to happen today, and continues into real labour. *fingers and toes crossed*

One Response to “Thoughts this morning”

  1. Sarah Says:

    You are headed in the right direction. There’s still time before Thursday for things to move along enough on their own. I hope for you what I got with Christina – the prospect of being induced only for the baby to say, “Hey, I can do this on my own thank you!”

    Walking, squating and using an excercise ball to sit on and move around can also help the baby put pressure down there which can help with moving things along.

    I was dissapointed the two nights that I woke up during the night having contractions that initially seemed to be pretty regular but as they got close to that one hour mark they started to taper off. I’ll be praying for you – you certainly have progressed further on your own than I did when I went to the hospital in real labor with Christina (or Keith for that matter) so I’m hoping things will go nice and smoothly for you. I’ll be thinking of you…. :-)