Yay! My clothing order is coming a day earlier than even *they* projected! Today I’ll have a bunch of new clothes that won’t fit…. right now. They’ll fit me next week, hopefully. This, of course, won’t stop me from trying them on. ;)

It also means I’ll be able to toss them in with tomorrow’s laundry and have them truely clean for when I wear them home from the hospital (I’m hoping to wear at least one thing home).

Update: They arrived, and when I had time to unpack and try on they all fit just fine… right now.  So.  They’ll be a bit big on me after I shrink down on the magical birthing-diet, but that’s alright since I’m going to *want* bigger clothes for a while.  I do know that the sweater’s I got and the henley shirt will work fantastic for nursing, which was the whole reason I bought them (plus they’re comfy and not at all bulky).  The only snag in the whole deal was that I’d bought a couple cami shirts and the one I most wanted (in beige) came instead in black.  So I called up Cust Serv and they reordered it for me.  The email I just got for that says it’ll be in Powder Blue this time.  Ugh.  I’ve never had problems like this with Old Navy before, so it’s kinda weird, but I’ll see if I can get it fixed before they send it.

After Little is born and I have a better idea what clothing size I’ll need, I’ll likely pick up a few more of their button-half-way-down shirts for this winter (assuming nursing goes well).  I just hope the price they are now (and that they’re in stock) remains. :)   $10 ea is a nice price to pay!

One Response to “Clothes!”

  1. anima Says:

    Hooray for shrinking!

    I can’t loose by the “birthing diet,” but something in the same neighborhood I learned was the cause of my obesity (and other problems)…polycystic ovaries. Ever since I’ve been treated for it, my weight has been melting. I totally know how buying new clothes because your body is changing feels! It’s a pain money-wise, but it’s one of the few times I get a kick out of clothes shopping.


    P.S. Sorry to go off track, Cruiser, but I think you won’t mind me posting this here.

    Any other women that read this- apparently, polycystic ovaries are one of the most undiagnosed common problems because the symptoms are never seen as just that. If you have any of the following, it’s SO WORTH getting it checked out by an endocrinologist or another doctor familiar with it.

    *Obesity/weight gain, regardless of eating right and exercising
    *Excess body hair
    *Irregular/absent periods, infertility

    It’s very easy to find more info via Google. See how these symptoms are easy to overlook? I can’t tell y’all how happy I’ve felt ever since they confirmed it on a sonogram, because all the symptoms I felt were always blamed on other reasons.