One last reading on the last full moon of my pregnancy.  Several times today I’ve felt the presence of a higher power… urging me to remember the good things on a day that’s been stressful and I’ve been irritable.

Self: Ace of Cups – abundance, joy, love, emotional fulfillment

Crossing/Situation: The World – completion, success, joy, conclusion and beginning

Foundation: Two of Pentacles – new skills/new job

Past: Five of Pentacles – financial worries, unexpected expenses

Present: Four of Pentacles – financial security, endurance

Future: The Moon – trust instincts and intuitions

Inner Self: The High Priestess – secrets revealed, intuition, divine inspiration

Environment: The Fool – new beginning, fertility, joy of life, fresh start

Hopes/Fears: Knight of Pentacles – auspicious event, competance, career development


Three of Pentacles – work rewarded, pregnancy
Six of Wands – victory, acknowledgement, triumph after difficulties

Death – transformation, turning point in life, ending and new beginning

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