Both went fine.  During the NST Little was fine, and we passed with flying colours (again).  Saw Dr. M instead of Dr. L (who was running way behind), which was nice since I’d been hoping to see her for some time.  My weight is stable, bringing our final count to +31lbs.  Pretty good, I’d say.  Day after tomorrow (or before, if we’re lucky) I plan on losing at least 10 of it, another 5-10 in the next few weeks (yay fluid buildup!), then I’ll wean myself slowly off those last 10-15lbs.  Don’t want to shock my system, afterall. ;)   I’m still dilated to 3cm or so, and her estimate of his weight is about the same as mine.  I asked her to go ahead and strip me and she assured me that she’d “rough me up”. ;)   Dr. M explained how thurs am will go, if we get that far.  I’m to have breakfast and take a few fewer units of insulin to avoid the mid-morning drop that I explained to her (since I won’t be allowed to eat – though I’m sneaking in some cookies anyways… just in case).  When I get there they’ll hook me up to antibiotics (I asked a while ago and newborns don’t have mature enough immune systems to have any adverse reaction to antibiotics) and pitocin and iv fluids and an insulin drip (and have glucose on hand should I need it).  She seemed very pleased with my innerds and said with all assurance that I’ll “labour really well”.  I hope that means it’ll be quick and painless and there’ll be a smorgasbord in the hallway outside and some really great quality merlot waiting for me once we’re done.


One Response to “NST and Ob appt – last ones!!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hmmm, merlot huh… that would be nice…

    At the hospital where my sister delivered they had a parents dinner. After the baby was born and before the Mom went home, they’d have a candle light dinner for Mom & Dad. I thought that was a wonderful idea. I think all hospitals should do that :-)

    I will be saying some prayers that you go on your own accord so you won’t have to have that pitocin drip. Hugs to you :-)