Granted, it’s not official til tomorrow, but since I am *not* getting online to make a post about it at 5:30am before I go into labour, you’re going to have to forgive me for that.

I am now as big as I’m ever likely to be (unless we decide to have another). Not a bad thing, though. I’ve gained 31lbs this pregnancy, which is entirely healthy and good. I haven’t gained a lot of body weight – just belly. I still fit into some of my non-pregnant, non-fat clothes (shirts, mostly). I feel great, even now. Yeah, getting around is more of a challenge, and there’s the odd ache/pain that’s irritating, but nothing huge or that can’t be dealt with. I’ve, on the whole, thoroughly enjoyed this pregnancy. I enjoy being pregnant anyways. My body seems well suited to it, and on the whole I feel beautiful and sexy and special – no less/more than any other time, but in a different and wonderful way.

The other day Ken was down near my belly and remarked that my stretch marks are odd. I agree. I’d assume, with my logic, that they’d be symetrical at the very least… in the same spot on both sides of my belly. They aren’t. He said they’re not at all bad looking, and I told him that I kinda like the way they look. They have an almost primal colour/look to them – like a wild animal’s colouration. They’re pretty to me, and he agrees. I know they’ll fade and be smaller once my stomach shrinks back down, but I’m glad to have experienced them like this and be able to think of them as I do.

I just took the last pictures for this pregnancy. The usual shot, along with the front and naked side shots. I definately see a difference in how round I look from the front, even from last week’s shot.

I did a quick(ish) little timeline photo thing… not animated, and it’s *rough* (I need to get some sleep tonight) and it’s only from the past 10wks or so (and not every week, at the start), but here’s how I’ve grown, recently… Sorry about the scrolling, but it’s what ya gets when I’m shy of time.

Tomorrow we have Little, and sadly the internets won’t know about it unless a) Ken gets sent home by the nurses or b) we get home, which I figure to happen possibly Saturday (as early as Friday, if things go amazingly well and I feel like fluffy pink clouds and chocolate souffle’s). We’ll see. It’ll be a basic info post. Name, dimensions, initial picture (maybe), but I’m sure you’ll forgive that, too, and be patient.

Wish us luck!

7 Responses to “39wks”

  1. Kevbo Says:

    Luck, luck, luck! You’ll all do fine!

    Looking forward to seeing Little for the first time!

    Congrats in advance!!

  2. T Says:

    *runs in circles*


  3. Dee Says:

    Holy Crap! That’s today!

    Nothing but good thoughts for you all, honey. *hugs!*

  4. Dread Says:

    Wow, best of luck
    Hope it all goes/went well

  5. Kelly Says:

    Wow. That’s Today? Good Luck to all of you.

    *hugs and hugs and hugs*

  6. Kelly Harrison Says:

    Ooops. that last was me. I totally didn’t see the name she used.


  7. anima Says:

    Welcome to the world, Little. :D