Ken and I changed our minds (we weren’t 100% yet on the spelling) and Little’s name is now, officially, Victor Willem Helberg.  To explain, we liked the name “Victor” but figured the Scandinavian spelling (Viktor) fit better with the Germanic “Willem” and the Hungarian “Helberg”.  However, after writing it down both ways we liked the Latin “Victor” best.  Willem is partly a family name.  My father’s name was William, however any time I ever heard my Gram chastize him (which was fairly often) she always said “Willem!” instead of “William” or “Bill”.  I had a great relationship with both Gram and Dad, so liked the idea of honouring them both.
We’re home now, and Ethan is adjusting to the new member of the household in his own way – slowly, curiously, cautiously.

Victor is doing really well. The fluid in his lungs cleared up yesterday (apparently birthing “too fast” can be a problem?) and he now makes entirely healthy squeaks and squeals and cries. He hates being moved around too much, and sleeps well. He’s eating better, though we’re having to finger-feed him, but I’m pumping and we’re hoping to make the transition to breast asap. His co-ordination between the suck/swallow was a little off, but it’s improved a *lot*. I’m optimistic. He’s lost about 5oz since birth, which is entirely acceptable, and he was a little jaundiced, so we’ll be seeing the pediatrician next week instead of in two.

I’m doing really well. I, apparently, bounce back quickly from birthing. We’ll have more pictures up later, and I’m hoping to write up the “Birth Story” soon so that I don’t forget anything. It went well, despite the epidural mishap (two tries, zero worked).

As soon as we saw Ethan today, Ken and I both were shocked at how big he looks, how much more he weighs than we remember, and how much we missed him. We absolutely adore both our boys, and already love marveling at the differences and similarities between them.

Thank you all for the well-wishes. For those who’ve asked for some of the brotherly love, you’ll have to wait for a while as Ethan does things in his own time and is still pretty unsure about this new baby-thing. ;) We’ll try to accomodate as soon as we can.

2 Responses to “Slight adjustments…”

  1. Kevbo Says:

    Congratulations!!!! Hello Victor!! That’s a great name.

  2. Talix Says:

    As the victim of frequent misspellings, I thank you on Victor’s behalf! (I like it better with the “c”, FWIW.)