Oh how the time slips away, and how strained Ken and I feel from it. I’ve barely time to *remember* to do things, let alone do them.

Things are going well, mostly. Ethan is adjusting and starting to act more normal. Victor seems to either be having a problem eating or just doesn’t require a whole lot of food. At his age, newborns are supposed to eat approx. 8x’s a day, and approx. 2.5oz/feeding. He’s eating who knows how many times (more than 8) but only eats about 0.5oz/feeding. Granted, sometimes it’s a bit more, but that’s the average. That being said, he’s not dehydrated and he’s pooping. We’re a bit confused about it, but trying to not freak out. I have to make an appt. for him to see Dr. K (our family dr) for friday, so we’ll know then if he’s losing weight still. He doesn’t suck very well, or he does and just doesn’t care to. Because of that we’ve caved and given him a soothie (I won’t call it a pacifier since we’re not using it for that). We’re hoping it’ll help him strengthen his sucking powars (if they need it) or give him the comfort that he’s seeking from sucking on his bottle nipples (if that’s what the case is since he’ll “suck” but only actually drink a small amount). He sleeps a lot, but does have 2-3 times a day where he’s wide awake for 30-90mins. He doesn’t act upset when he eats, and he gives clear signals when he doesn’t want to eat anymore. Who.knows.

I’m still pumping during the day, though I’ve decided to opt for sleep instead of pumping when it’s my turn (Ken and I are doing the trade-off time again where he takes half the night and I take the other). I’m still producing lots – even though I pumped 3hrs ago I just got 8 oz. Cow.

We got our mail yesterday when I went out to the store. Karen, thank you very much! We opened most of them, and the tea smells delicious, the clips are adorable, and the ornament is very pretty. I’ll get to the rest later today, but wanted to thank you.

I’m doing very well. I bounce back from pregnancy/labour well, and have been doing lots of walking around to help my body get back to normal. As of yesterday I was down from +31lbs to +12 (+14 the day before that). I still have weird hormones, especially at night which makes me shiver all night from “cold” (though the room certainly isn’t, it’s just me).

I hope to get Victor’s Birth Story typed up soon, but it depends on how much time I have available (which, the past few days, has been zero but sloooowly increasing). I have pictures, but they’re still on the camera… I’ll do my best!

Oh, and when I drove past our land yesterday there was a cement mixer there – so they’ve poured something. Maybe later this week I’ll get the time to swing by for pictures. Friday perhaps.

3 Responses to “Quicky”

  1. Sarah Says:

    One of the things our lactation consultant does to see if its a sucking problem is have them suck on your pinky finger. If you can feel the proper sucking (tongue position, strength) then there shouldn’t be a problem in that department. I’m not sure what the sucking exercises are to help the strength, but that would be something to work on if that is the problem.

    Christina doesn’t eat much either, but she does eat often. (Or at least she used to until the past week or so). I remember Keith being the same way, lots of little meals. When I wasn’t directly nursing it would be smaller meals than when he was as well. Have you tried a medicine cup? Or is he doing better with the bottle? When I was tube feeding Keith it worked better to use the medicine cup because it didn’t irritate his mouth like the tube could. There was a special little silicone medicine cup that had a little “bowl” at the top you could pour the milk into and then pour/sip into the baby’s mouth.

  2. Kelly Says:

    He’s definately able to suck, we know that. We talked about it and despite the numbers of ounces he’s “supposed” to have, he’s got the required wet and dirty diapers and is acting healthy in all other ways, so we’re trying not to stress it. We tried the little cups and he wouldn’t have it at all. We’ll have to see how his weight is at his dr’s appt.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Christina wasn’t up for much of anything for awhile, it took her some time to want to do it. She didn’t like the cups, we tried spoon feeding in the hospital and that didn’t go overly great either. I think we ended up just using a tiny syringe to feed her for a bit until she took to the shield. I know she didn’t eat as much in the beginning as what they say you are supposed to feed them, but she grew just fine. Just focus on the diapers and you’ll know everything is going to be ok. :-)