We just woke up from a nap. My longest yet: 2hrs. :P I guess all the sleep lost last week caught up to us since we both napped that long. Ken would have slept longer, but me opening the door woke him. He’s so cute when he sleeps!

Dad left this morning. I was worried that he’d been bored this week, but he said he enjoyed having a time when he didn’t have to run around and do stuff, like at home or usual.

We grocery shopped today, and I budgeted myself $20 at Wal-mart for garden/planting stuffs. I’ve found that if I set a specific dollar amount, the money goes further. It did this time too, since I got 4 pots with bottoms (draining trays), a big bag of potting soil, and a mini-rose plant (quite a big one). The biggest pot is going to be holding the rose (which is a light, buttery yellow). The next biggest is going to repot our Spikey Plant. He’s quite large now and needs a new “shoe”. This is him, though he’s got just a single stock and he’s only about 2′ tall from soil to tip. He’s also got a more straight stalk than that; I’m particular. ;) The next two pots are both 6″ ones that we’re going to replant some spider plants we have that’ve out-grown their older, smaller pots. I know they’re just going to get root-bound again, but I can’t keep repotting them! They’re just going to have to learn to live like that! (I’d thought about separating them, since there’s a few to each pot, but I don’t need anymore!) Sometime soon I’m going to get a long, indoor planter (6″ x 24″ likely) and replant all of my Bird’s Nest Sanseviera’s into one long trough. They like to crowd themselves, are compact, and like windowsills, so it should work nicely. *Love* that plant. Karen gave me one, assuring me I could.not.kill.it. She was right. You really can’t kill these things. They’re *great* to give as housewarming gifts. Low-light, high-light, low moisture, propigate like crazy all year long. I’ve thought, too, about doing a window-box with a type of grass in it. Lemon grass or Mondo Grass (Nana, likely). “This tropical grass grows in dense clumps that can grow to 6 ft (1.8 m) in height and about 4 ft (1.2 m) in width.” Hmm…. maybe not Lemon Grass. ;) But you get the point.

I’m going to try using a livejournal “cut” now, since this journal entry seems to have become very large…

I’m going to put the mini-rose on the back patio. I think it’ll look good with the reddishness of the stain we put on last fall, and the general colour scheme out there is going to be red/orange/yellow/white. My daylily that Karen gave me last spring is red, and it’s out there too. I’m also going to plant some tulips that Janis gave us Christmas-before-last in two white hanging metal pots I have. Once they’ve finished blooming I’ll plant something for the summer in them.

I found, at Wal-mart, 5 gal white buckets, though we’d be damned if we could find a price for them. I’m going to use them for tomatoes this summer. I saw a cool idea on a gardening show that suggested you could grow one tomato out the top, drill a hole and grow one upside-down out the bottom! It doesn’t bother the plant at all, it gets lots of water, and you don’t have to worry about rot on the tomatoes as they sit on the ground. Cool huh? I didn’t get the pots, and I’m thinking of using a smaller bucket (since hanging a bucket that heavy would be a real challenge) though. I’m excited to have my own tomatoes this year. I *lo-o-ove* tomatoes! I’ll likely start some seeds this weekend in my starter/greenhouse thingy that Wayne (Ken’s father) gave us for that same Christmas. I’m so excited that it’s spring today!!

Tomorrow we’re going to move the patio furniture out to the deck, move out and set up the barbeque on the new stand we got for Christmas (we’ve got a full-sized propane canister for it, though). We love this little grill, and fully endorse it to anybody. It’s compact but has a large grilling surface. It’s very portable. We’ve taken it camping and used it quite a bit. It’s awesome! We’re going to get this next. They have a duffle, but it doesn’t hold the cart (which folds up and holds/rolls with the grill on top). We’re having burgers and fries for dinner tomorrow on the patio. It might be a bit chilly, but WHO CARES?!? IT’S SPRING!!

*strips nekkid and does happy spring dance*
Speaking of which, today is Ostara (Spring Equinox); Minor Sabbat (day of celebration associated with an equinox or astrological quarter) of the Pagan religions. It’s a celebration because today the day and night hours are equal, though from now on the days grow longer (thus Easter falling soon as “God reborn” is a common Ostara theme). Traditionally white rabbits and coloured eggs are used to celebrate innocence, constant fertility, new life, and new birth.

The reason I mention it is two-fold. One I think it’s important to learn about and understand non-mainstream religions. Two I’ve always felt more comfortable acknowledging more “earth-bound” concepts, which Pagan religions are entirely based upon. What can I say? I’m a naturalist. Also, they seem to coincide with important dates for Ken and I. We were married on Litha (Summer Solstice) and we conceived on Imbolc (Major Sabbat, aka Groundhog’s Day). I have a feeling that if nature were allowed to run her course (and here’s hoping that’s true, though not likely from what the dr’s indicated) the baby would be born on Samhain (Major Sabbat, aka Halloween).

I should mention, too, that yesterday we went to the Middletown Mall. We swung by the pet shop and they have the cutest little birds. All they did was flutter around and say “Beep!”. Ken called them Finches, I call them Beepy-Birds. :D We saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I firmly suggest it! :)

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