*big fat sigh*
Back to normal!!! W00t! I love visitors, and visiting others, but if there’s too much of either within too short of a time span, I get a little burnt out. For the next *counting* … wow, for the next month we’re not scheduled to go anywhere! :o Cool! And, to be honest, we’re not scheduled to go anywhere for another 3 wks after that. There may be a visit here from some good friends of ours (Sarah and Jeff, who’re pregnant 2.5 wks less than us, cool huh?) somewhere in those 3 wks, but we’re not sure yet. We were going to construct baby cribs for us both, but honestly we won’t need them until around this time next year, so I wonder if we shouldn’t focus our construction needs on other things (like a table top cover/changing table idea I had for a dresser of mine). However, a visit would be great anyways, since it might be the last/only time they can come down to see where we live!

Social Schedule:
April 16-18: BC/DC party (largest collection of our online friends in one place, evar! Even more than our yearly Cedar Point trip, too which we can’t make it this year.)
May 8/9: Mother’s Day, so perhaps that’d be a good time for Jeff/Sarah to visit since we’re Mother’s-in-Production right now. ;) I also get kinda bummed around Mother’s Day, so it’d be nice to have the distraction. Any other year I’d say we should visit VT, but we’ll be up there the *following* weekend.
May 15/16: Kate’s Graduation in N.NY/VT (Saturday) and likely Belated-Mother’s Day stuff the rest of the time (hopefully with Janis [Ken's MiL] sometime Saturday night and Arlene [Ken's Gram] Sunday morning – though that’s a bit of a stretch).
May 29/30: Lea/Brian’s Wedding Shower up in Ontario. I think we’re going to try to make this, since it’s looking more and more like we can’t make the wedding. We’re planning on getting them something spectacular though, so hopefully they won’t be too disappointed.
June 19/20: Don/Arlene’s 50th Anniversary (Ken’s Grampa/Gram) so we’ll be up in VT.
June 21st: Our 1st Anniversary! :D
July 3/4: Independance Day weekend at Camp (VT)
July 14-16: Lea/Brian’s wedding in Vegas (looking unlikely though). :(
Aug 6/7/8: Civic Holiday weekend at the Cottage in Ontario (looking unlikely, though Ken’s never made it up and I’d *love* to go). :(

Then we’re free until October 23rd (or sometime there’bouts… earlier if the baby is big and they induce… much earlier if we can manage to convince my body to go into labour naturally [and healthily, don't worry!]). However, I’m hardly going to feel up to much travelling, so… ;)

*looking back at list*
Good heavens we travel a lot! We should get frequent driver miles or something!!

So anyways, today is laundry (on the line, at that!), finishing the bear I’m making to match the car suit (the blue teddy on the left, but in green to match the suit), making bread, possibly making cookies for Ken’s work (it’s been a very long time since I did, so… the question is, ch. chip or oatmeal raisin?).

It’s so reassuring to know that I’ve got all week to myself without having to clean the house for anybody, or plan our departure day for travelling or anything. Just the ultrasound tomorrow. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ;)
Girl Names:
* Meghan Shea Helberg (pearl/great, fairy palace, yellow mountain)
* Cordelia Lynn* Helberg (warm-hearted/sea jewel, waterfall, yellow mountain)
* Rowan Elizabeth* Helberg (Rowan tree/fair-haired, consecrated to God, yellow mountain)
4 Sonja Lynn* Helberg (wise, waterfall, yellow mountain)
5 Morgan Shea Helberg (seashore, fairy palace, yellow mountain)
6 Morin Rose Helberg (long-haired, rose, yellow mountain)
7 Lauren Shea Helberg (crowned with laurel, fairy palace, yellow mountain)
8 Elizabeth* Rose Helberg (consecrated to God, rose, yellow mountain)
(top three are equally favourites)

Boy Names:
* Connor Miles Helberg (wise/praised, millstone/soldier/merciful, yellow mountain)
* Ethan Kenneth* Helberg (strong/firm, handsome/royal oath, yellow mountain)
* Kevin Raymond* Helberg (handsome, handsome/royal oath, yellow mountain)
4 Kenneth Arthur* Helberg (handsome, noble/lofty hill/bear/rock, yellow mountain)
5 Egan Patrick Helberg (ardent/fiery, nobleman, yellow mountain)
6 Keenan Miles Helberg (bold/sharp/smart, millstone/soldier/merciful, yellow mountain)
(top three are equally favourites)

*Family names

To be honest, I am leaning towards one or two from each list, but I’m not going to say which or set my heart too firmly on any one name.

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