…that I forgot to mention. Not vitally important, but I’d set them aside in my mind to mention then promptly forgot. I blame the baby. ;)

1) Best Solution for Sore Boobs:
Bath & Body Works Skin Repair Healing Body Butter with Shea & Jojoba Butters. I’m using the Cucumber Melon scent and *love* the way it smells. A little goes a long way, and applied daily it’s keeping these growing puppies from driving me nuts! ;)

B) Cribs:
Donnie, Ken’s co-worker (the diabetic one – we’ll be sharing an endocrinologist), has offered us his youngest child’s baby crib. His child is going to be getting a “big-kid bed” and they won’t need the crib anymore. It’s light oak and cost them quite a lot of money; it’s a Simmons. To replace the mattress will only cost us $80-100, if we need to (which I doubt, but we’ll see). This is very helpful, since we’d decided to put off building a crib until this time next year (since we wouldn’t need it til then and we’ve got other things to make) and we’d also talked of making the “made by Mom & Dad” things for the baby all knitted things (since I won’t have as much time to knit with the next baby). Even if we *do* decide to make the crib (because of the day-bed/full bed transition aspect of it that we like) we’ll have a fall-back in case it’s not done “in time” or for the next baby to come along. :)

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