Of which today is going to be one (that’s the plan, at least). I’m going to make brownies and ch. chip cookies later (for Ken’s co-worker, Donnie, and for his office), I’m going to finish up the cross-stitched Christmas ornaments that I’ve put off finishing for years (I’m close), I’m going to start on the multi-coloured socks. Whether it all gets done today is unknown. :P After I’ve finished all that,though, it’ll likely be the weekend so I’ll have picked up the stuffing for the bear and ornaments so I’ll be finalizing those. I’ll be framing Sharon’s thing, I’ll be sewing the zipper to the car suit and adding the zipper protecting flap thingy. Once they’re all out of the way, it’s another pair of socks for Ken (he keeps wearing through his!), and then on to the mitts (I picked up some of the furry yarn while in Canada, so I’m going to make two pair and see if I can’t sell them online – though that’ll probably be put off til next year – at least they’ll be done and out of the way!). Then I’ve promised to make Karen a halter/bikini top from kitchen cotton and dye it with kool-aid (this’ll be a first for me). Then it’ll likely be more baby stuff since I’ve got my own, plus 3 others to knit for! OY! I’mma be a busy bee this summer!

Oh, and I thought I’d share my new phrase with you. Whenever I’m talking about how tired I am or about the pregnancy in general, I’ve started saying things along the lines of “I’m growing baby toes” or I’m tired because I’m “making baby toes”. ;) It’s appropriate, and I think it’s cute. ;)

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