Well, phone and cable are taken care of, mailing address and washer/dryer too.  U-haul is reserved, auxiliary moving help given instructions.  We begin The Move on Saturday at 10am.  Ken hopes to have all the furniture moved by 1pm, at least.  The basics we need set up are the beds, which the crib and Ethan’s bed won’t take long, but our bed will take some time.  We’ll have the u-haul friday-sunday, so I’m inclined to dismantle the crib and move the boys beds before everyone gets here.  We could likely even do them in the car, if we took the car seats out.  Myself and one of Ken’s female co-workers are on kid-duty, and as long as she doesn’t mind watching the boys play for a bit I’ll be assembling Victor’s room/crib asap.  Ethan’s room is just his bed, for now (he’s too inclined to destroy destroy destroy anything else).  I’m hoping they can get the furniture done sooner and come back and move the smaller stuff into the garage during nap time.  Optimistic me is also hoping Victor will, for the first time, take his afternoon nap in his crib instead of propped up on the living room couch.  Oh to dream.
Tonight, after Ken gets home, I’m off to the house to install vinyl blinds in the boys rooms and partly assemble their ceiling fans (attach brackets to blades – I don’t do wiring).  It’s going to rain tonight, otherwise I’d possibly paint some too, given the time.  I’d hoped to paint the front door of the old house today, but it’s going to thunderstorm in the next few hours and I worry about the paint curing enough before shutting the door (don’t want it sticking to the weatherstripping, y’know?).  I expect that it’ll have to wait until Sunday, when either Ken or myself come back to do some cleaning.

Ultimately the highest paint priority is Ethan’s room, at this point.  Victor’s ceiling cut-in shouldn’t take long.  Maybe I’ll tape up Ethan’s room tonight and get that out of the way.

Time time time time!

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