I keep thinking about the fact that you’ll be 3 years old in two short months. 3! 3 YEARS! Has that much time really passed? Are you really that old? It’s not so much that the time has passed quickly, but it does seem like a *lot* of time all the same.

This past month has been marked with a lot of control and button-pushing and tantrums. Extra long tantrums. The past week, though, you’ve become a bit more reasonable at times so it feels like there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. I hope. Neither your father nor I are very good with willful disobedience, but it’s what you’re “supposed to be doing at this age” so we’re trying to keep it all in context.

The good stuff is that you keep surprising us. “Yeah, toast!” and unreminded “thank you, Mommy”s and the often said “Hey Mommy/Daddy! What’s going on?” never fail to amuse us. You’ve also entered into a “Helper phase” and now inSIST on helping me unload the dishwasher (you’re quite good at it, too), you request I vacuum several times a day (not on your life), you pretend to wash windows, you ask for diaper changes (sometimes), you ask for showers (though you’ve been doing that for a while) and you generally just want to help. It’s terribly cute. The cutest is the dishwasher, which just sends you into fits of happiness and when we’re done and we close the door you completely flip out and scream. Every.single.time. Finally, yesterday, I told you that if you didn’t calm down you were never allowed to help Mommy with the dishwasher again. Generally I avoid “never’s” but I was frustrated. It worked, though, as you stopped wailing immediately and started being a good boy again.

One of your favourite games, these days, is “Giggle-a-boo”. You look Victor close in the face, laugh (which gets him laughing), then run around behind him to his other side. As soon as he’s “found” you you both laugh again. Rinse. Repeat. It’s terribly cute and I hope it bodes well for your future relationship together.

You’re becoming a very big boy, these days. We weighed you a few weeks ago and you topped the scale at 26lbs. Your feet, also, are huge. Huge. Over 5″ long and soon to be outgrown of your sandals. You’ve well outgrown fitting under the peninsula counter in the kitchen, and your head almost reaches the top of the counter now. Such a big boy you’re becoming!

Despite the frustrations running high, your father and I are still so proud of you and love you and find so much joy in our life with you.

Love, Mommy

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