This morning we drove Ken into work, stopping at the bank to have something witnessed by a Notary first.  Then we drove home in order to waste time and drove right back to get Victor to his appt.  In slightly less than an hour we’ll be driving in again, dropping some dresser drawers (containing *my* drawers… and bras) off at the house, picking up Ken and having a FAAAbulous dinner at either McPigs or Wendy’s.  Glamourous, I know.  Then we drive back to the New House to put up ceiling fans in the boys rooms and maybe paint the walls of our bedroom (Ken did the ceiling cut-in last night of Victor’s and our bedrooms).  With the kids.  In the “play room” (aka Ethan’s room filled with older toys).  Likely squalling at us because it’s late and they squaller when it’s late.

ToMORROW I drive Ken into work (with kids) so’s he can pick up the U-haul in the afternoon, fill it full of our stuff to take to the New House, and drops the stuff off.  Then, if there’s time, I’m going to the New House to do whatever’s next on our list of “bedroom fix-up stuffs to do”.  Oh how I can’t wait til this is all over.

Saturday is moving day.  Pray for sanity, patience, time, etc for us.  Sunday we’re leaving the kids with Sharon and Rick (who’re coming down Sat afternoon) while Ken and I go to the old house to clean.  Then I grocery shop, hopefully, during naptime.  Ken’s suggested that, during the week next week, I drive him into work then come here to do clean-up stuff.  I think he’s nuts.

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