…could have been had.

I screwed up last night. I’m not sure why. It could have been that I was a bit low when I tested my sugar, it could have been that our “usual” evening schedule was off a bit, it could have been that I was extra tired. I don’t know. However, I somehow forgot to proceed from testing, into the bathroom, to take my pill and over-night insulin. Bad move, Charlie Brown. I woke up around 11 feeling very hot and uncomfortable (one of my high sugar signals). I figured it was because I had the mattress pad heater on too high so I turned it off and rolled over, tossing and turning for the next 3 hrs. I got up around 2 feeling ickier, so I got up and tested. Yikes! WAY outside my comfort zone for healthy sugars. I took a bunch of my fast-acting insulin, brought my tester and the insulin into the bathroom (to test the next time I woke up), looked up at myself in the mirror and realized what I’d forgotten to do. So I took my pill, I took my shot (better late than never) and crawled back into bed. I lay there kicking myself mentally and failing to get to sleep for somewhere over 2 hrs. I know I got up to pee (for the fourth time) around 4 or 4:30, and I know I got up to pee around 6, so I’m fairly certain I slept between those times. *Some* relief, at least. This morning I was low, but that was expected after the large dose of fast-acting insulin I took. So I felt some morning sickness, but overall I’m feeling much better than last night. Tired, absolutely; scared, not as much. I had a light breakfast (no eggs), and since I had my usual tea I’m going to be up for a bit before I can nap. At least today’s a light-obligation day, so I don’t have anything specific I’m supposed to be doing. Later, I might try to make some coffee fudge I’ve got a recipe for (yesterday’s chocolate fudge was too soft for my tastes…I want a fudge that I *don’t* have to keep frozen!).

Last night, too, I had some weird dreams in the few minutes that I got sleep. The most prominent featured around my cousin Linda, and her imaginary boyfriend (she doesn’t have one, but in my dream she did). They “dropped by” on their way through town, hoping to spend the night at our house. We had planned on going out for dinner, and the only reason they caught us was I was opening a bit of mail (instead of tossing it inside for later). We said sure, they could stay, and they started unloading their stuff. We figured they’d have some sleep clothes and toiletries. Maybe a change of clothes for tomorrow. They unloaded their entire pickup truck (with a camper shell), and the small half-trailer they were pulling behind them. They had all sorts of crap, but mostly animals. Cats, small dogs, lizards, and birds. Tons and tons of birds. All sizes, big and small. Some had cages, most didn’t. They even put a whole mess of birds into Suzie’s cage. When we found this out we positively freaked. Yelling at them that it’s stress out Suzie since she’s not used to strange birds in her cage/around her and trying to pick out Suzie from among the other ‘Tiels they put in with her. We found her because she was the one yanking out her feathers. :( We went to put her in the bathroom for safe-keeping til they’d left and there was a team of very burly, mob-looking men digging up into our bathroom from below (underground). They flashed a metal ruler at us with some scratched letters on it and claimed they were with a union. A likely story, but we weren’t about to argue. They were menacing. We found out, later, after we’d kicked out my cousin and her boyfriend and all their animals, that these men had been terrorizing the neighbourhood, digging into people’s bathrooms and stealing tubs and fixtures.

I honestly don’t know how I come up with these dreams. I know it’s the pregnancy, but geeze!! I also know that I had more of them last night, but I don’t remember them as vividly as this one. Oy!

Last night we unloaded the crib that Donnie gave us. Cribs got *way* bigger!! At least that I remember. It’s about 5′ long, 3′ wide, and 4-5′ high. It’s really nice though! Simmons crib with a high-quality Simmons mattress. We’ll be able to keep the mattress because it has a vinyl cover and they had a vinyl cover over *that*. It cost them over $300 when they bought it, which was around 7 yrs ago. It’s a wonderful gift. Donnie’s such a nice guy! We’ve got it set up in the family room downstairs, but we’re going to have to dismantle it at some point when we find out what the baby’s sex is (and therefore which room he/she will be in). We still won’t use it until the baby’s 6 months or so, but it’s great to have! Another feature I really like is it allows us to adjust the mattress height for different baby stages. It’s currently at the highest point, which puts the mattress about 12″ from the top rail. There’re 2 other, lower, points we can adjust to as the baby grows. :) The mattress also has a lifetime warranty. I really like Simmons crib linens too. The Kendall line is my favourite. It is, however, very expensive. I think I’ll just use the colours and assemble something similar myself. :)

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