Ken works with come truly kickass people. Seriously. We’re so grateful for the help they provided. Vehicles to move small, hard to pack things (like cooking stuffs and lamps); beefy-strongness to move heavy things (like our furniture); and extra hands to watch babies (while I assembled the crib) and even help move boxes/etc from the living room and dining area (and into the office/basement/upstairs) so we could set up the furniture therein and have a semblance of a livable space. They all love our house and it’s layout. They brought beer and left half of it here and only ate half the pizza I had so we’d extra pizzas left to eat this week (good, since the U-haul cut into our lunch money). They even seemed to have a good time through it all and afterward while we sat around and chatted. Awesome people.

Sharon and Rick showed up sometime in the afternoon (naptime was… un-doable)… I don’t know when because we had only the oven clock and I’m not in the habit of glancing at it yet to check for time. Rick seemed surprised at how giggly Victor is. They spent the night at the old house and Sharon was kind enough to vacuum it and scrub the bathrooms some for me. Very much appreciated as I haven’t had much time to clean there (tonight, hopefully).

We’ve spent much of our time here trying to get things set up. Ethan’s still unsure about all this change but he’s adjusting well – having every toy he’s ever had out to play with helps. It’s much like Christmas to him, I’m sure. We’ve got cable and internets, but no phone yet. Phone dude is supposed to arrive before 5pm. Cable dude was done before lunch, though Ethan could care less about the tele because TOYS!! I’ve set up the computer while Victor naps and am now paranoidally waiting for phone dude to arrive and wake him up. Ethan’s had the briefest of naps and I can hear him thumping around in his room but I can’t let him down until Victor wakes up, though I may wake him myself in a bit.

So what’re our impressions of the house? It feels so much bigger. The layout is awesome, such that it feels a good 1-200sqft bigger than the last, though they have the same footage. The boys rooms are the perfect size for them (I’d been a bit worried they’d be a tad small) and the play area at the top of the stairs (previously a vaulted foyer) is perfect for just that. The water will need a system – we’re using a faucet mounted Brita right now – once we can afford it. The water in the sink makes thumping noises and there’s an area of Victor’s floor that creaks REALLY LOUDLY and we avoid at all costs (thankfully it’s off to the side). The Berber carpeting seemed kinda scratchy at first, but is softening up as it’s walked upon. The kitchen…is huge. Hu-uge. And then the pantry on top of all that space has me reeling. It’s going to take a while to get it all “right”. The master bedroom is bigger than I’d expected, has tons of light, and a swallow next tucked above one of the windows.

The drawback is that we look around and see so much to do. The couch stares out the back windows at the dirt hill behind the house making me want to “fix” it with plants. We need storm doors and a water softener system (very hard water) and garage door openers. We need to finish the bonus room and the basement and build a deck/screened in porch. We need to put built-in shelves into the office and a window seat. We need to unpack a 2-car garage-worth of boxes. We need to plant a ton of trees out front to make up for those which were (unnecessarily, much of the time) cut down during construction (partly for noise, partly for appearance). We need to paint (Victor’s room and our bedroom are done, but that’s all we managed). We need to put up ceiling fans and get bulbs for the ones we have (they’re using small base bulbs now, wtf?!).
We love it here.

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  1. troublet Says:

    I’m glad that everything went well!