It’s the humidity what makes it so bad.  The office is the driest room in the house, I’m sure because the computer keeps it nice and toasty and it’s full of boxes of paper and the windows are shut.  Today is one of those days that I just don’t wanna do anything.  Sucks, since there’s just so much that needs to be done.  I have, however, gotten my kitchen mostly set up, the dining area mostly set up, and the living room mostly set up.  Kitchen needs cabinet locks (which need Ken to install cause they don’t like screwing in for me), dining area needs the china cabinet filled, and the living room needs a ceiling fan.  And there’s the furniture still at the house that we’ll need to arrange once it sells TODAY!  Must needs sell fast please?  We saw the listing our realtor put up and it’s all listed but not registering on which bums me out since the pictures make it look so darned cute!  I wanna show off a little.  Seriously, the pic she took of the outside is the best one compared to other houses in our area/price range.  The internal pics aren’t as good, but the inside of the house is more impressive in person anyways.

Since we were busy yesterday night, I’m making Ken his bird day dinner tonight.  It’s a surprise.  I hope I can do it justice (I’ll share if it goes well).  Maybe I should wake the boys and get going on that, now that I think on it…  Ken’s new commute is a bare 20-25mins and I’m sure neither of us is used to it yet (especially since yesterday he didn’t really make it straight to work or home).

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