At least, that’s what this post will be.  Bitching.  Bitching about our eaves troughs, which leak like nobody’s business and hold standing water (mmm, mosquitoes!).  Bitching about the well, which was giving us slightly smelly water (kinda sulfery) so we followed Ken’s co-worker’s advice and dumped a gallon of bleach in it and cycled/recycled (ran a hose from the house into the well and left it running all night) it and now I’m showering with water so chlorine-y it’s like those pools that’re so chlorine’d your eyes burn.  And my hands smell.  Constantly. (we’re using a Brita, which helps).  And doing all this has stirred up iron particles so the water looks all yellowy and cloudy.  I love Brita.  Ken thinks the chlorine and cloudy will pass once we’ve gone through what’s in the holding tank (about a week or so).  I’m pretty tempted to just run the faucet all day to speed that up.  If I had a washer/dryer, boy you can bet I’d have clean… well… every fabric in the house!

I’m all ansy today.  I could be organizing the boxes of books in the office, since it’s nap time and I must needs be quiets, but I?  Don’t want to.  Yet this morning I whined to Ken about being stuck in “do stuff/worry” mode concerning the house and the “get stuff done NOW” mode of selling the old house was continuing onto this house and I want to get everything done.  Yesterday.  I made a list, and it doesn’t even cover every little thing, of stuff we need to do to this house.  It’s so long!  Granted, most of it hinges on money, so there’s not much we can do right now, but oy!

Here, share in my oy:

  • finish installing child locks in kitchen
  • finish painting all rooms
  • put up ceiling fans in Ethan’s room, dining area, office, and raise living room fan to flush-mount
  • acquire and install more bathroom hardware (both full bathrooms have only a toilet paper and one towel bar – nothing for hand towels, nothing for more than one towel)
  • finish bonus room (wiring, drywall, heating, flooring, ceiling fan, paint)
  • finish office (paint, built-in shelving, window seat, ceiling fan)
  • finish basement (too much to list)
  • plant trees along roadside, along driveway, in front of house
  • plant bulbs/flowers/shrubbery to make house prettier
  • fine-tune driveway
  • build deck/screened-in porch
  • remove dead wood from property
  • make with the grass!
  • fix drainage/erosion problem
  • build bench for foyer
  • build new, child-proof entertainment units
  • build spice rack

I’ll stop there.  I don’t like bitching, would you believe?

One Response to “Just A Bitch”

  1. Becki Says:

    I’ve always been a firm believer that bitching is good for the complexion. And actually, I do have pretty nice skin, so it might really be true.

    I’ve turned a willful blind eye to the major things that need doing around this joint. There’s so much, and the time and money to do them is so limited, that if I think about it for long I’ll be too depressed even to bitch.