Tomorrow?! Canada Day is tomorrow?! Good heavens! How did that happen so quickly?? At least this year I know where my flag is. Haven’t anywhere to hang it, but I could just wrap it around myself like a cap and run through the house naked singing the national anthem… couldn’t I? Don’t worry, I’ll wait til the boys are pre-occupied.

Today was one of those days where you’re wanting to get stuff done and feeling entirely too unwanting to do anything. Hate days like this, since it’s a waste but *shouldn’t* be. Ahh well. Some good might have come of today, though I can’t say yet (don’t ask, not telling yet!). The weather was beautiful today – even a tad cold since it barely went above 72F in the house. Sun was shining, though, and the moon is full and bright tonight.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to actually get stuff done. The other side of our mailbox needs our address info (I only got enough letters for one side, oops!) and I need to put up the balloons so Sears delivery can bring me mah washer’n'dryer for our stinky clothes! I’d like to try rearranging the bedroom furniture and maybe..MAYBE.. put our dresser drawers actually *in* the dresser, instead of scattered around on the floor and stacked in the closet. You’d think that’d be an easy task, but when chasing after 2 boys any time spent in the bedroom is brief. We might do some painting tomorrow. Either Ethan’s ceiling (likely, since I’m sure he’ll need the ceiling fan soon) or the office walls.

4 Responses to “Wait… June Went Where?”

  1. troublet Says:

    *raises eyebrow*

    You know that I hate waiting. :)

  2. Karen Says:

    Happy Canada Day!!

  3. Kelly Says:

    As do I, T, but you’re being a champ about having to wait, anyways.

    I hope your Canada Day was great, Karen!

  4. Kevbo Says:

    Belated Happy Canada Day!