Finally the weather has caught up! It’s WARM out! :D It’s also cloudy, and they’re saying we’re to expect a thunderstorm tonight, so it’s *gotta* be spring! Tomorrow’s high is expected at 69F, with “abundant sunshine” in the afternoon. YAY! I’m thinking we’ll either pitter around doing errands or wash the Jeep. It’s sorely in need of a clean-up.

As for the rest of my day, I have no idea. :P I have another dr’s appointment (endocrinologist this time) this afternoon in Middletown. I’m kinda bummed, because this dr apparently makes weekly trips to Port Jervis (30 mins from here) which is why we chose him. There was a mix-up or misunderstanding of some sort though and I’m scheduled at their main office in Middletown (1 hr). Not much worry though. I’ll go, then pick up Ken from work and possibly go right back for dinner and/or movie. Jersey Girl is playing there, which we’d both like to see. I could also use to pick up a few things at the Joanne Fabric’s there. :D

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