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Ken and I got up early Sat morning and went for a walk “around the block”. I wasn’t expecting it to be terribly difficult, but we were both surprised at how much further it was than we remember. We’re so out of shape it’s shameful. Ken mentioned that he’d like to start running again, though not til he’s in a bit better condition. We’re *planning* on going for a walk each night after dinner. Since next weekend is the time change, this is finally “do-able”. I should note, though, that we’re both sore still from that walk and the other things we did this weekend. After our walk we moved the other rock pile, so now the back yard at least doesn’t have specific rocky areas, it’s just one big, slightly rocky area. ;) I can’t explain how it’s improved things, but it has. :) While I raked the driveway to even out some winter ruts, Ken changed the oil and removed a few extra bits of plastic not ripped off the bumper area when the bumper plastic moldy bit was “removed” by the rock. We’ve found that we have all the tools, save one screw driver, to replace the bumper. Cool! We went out saturday after lunch to Middletown. I needed to head to Walmart for some craft things (which they didn’t have any of) and we ended up buying a nice little entertainment-holder-bookshelf thingy. It’s small, it’s discrete, and it holds all but one of our tapes/dvds. We checked the prices on diapers (cheaper at Walmart than our local grocery) and on their selection of “travel carriers” (baby car seat + stroller in one).

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but the original s. vulgaris so it’s worth it, and some nice maples though we can get those even “cheaper” in the park ;) ), checked out their prices for 2×4’s (for the bench I’mma make this spring/summer). We picked up a small screwdriver bit set (we needed a larger one for the bumper of the star-headed kind) from Vermont American. Ken also showed me what tools he wants (a proper wrench set – both imperial and metric (of course!), and a… hmm… damned pregnant memory!). I’d have to shop around, as Home Depot certainly didn’t have a full, proper wrench set! Saturday night we started playing the expansion pack from Uru (I’d get it now, since it’s free now, if you have Uru). It was very confusing because they don’t tell you what you’re supposed to be looking for at all. We ended up looking for a walk-through write-up to help us on our way. Thank goodness we did, too! We’d never have figured out what we were supposed to do!
Sunday was us up early again. We finished off the waffle batter from Saturday and Ken hopped into the shower. I got dressed (I wanted to shower afterwards) and went outside to start washing the jeep. I did the outside and the windows, he did the inside. After I finished and while he was still working, I figured I’d see if the scrubby telescope brush thing that I washed the jeep with would clean up the siding of the house. We’ve got white siding, and it’d never been cleaned before! There was some weird, green algae growing up some parts, and dirt kicked up from falling rain (no gutters) on others and just plain time-grime on others yet. It worked! I’m really proud of the work I did because the house looks much better! I hopped into the shower, we ate, then we went grocery shopping. Dropped by the pharmacy first for a card and ended up finding a rather large, on sale candy section there. W00t! We bough 4 nerds for $0.33, sour and regular boxes of freezies, 2 laffy taffy’s, and 2 fun dip’s for $8.50 (plus the card)! We spent entirely too much on our groceries, but this week was “run out of basics” week so we had to get a bunch of stuff we wouldn’t normally buy. I hate weeks like this. We also splurged and bought steak and baking potatoes for dinner. It was the most amazing steak I’ve had in a long time! We bought the home brand (hot damn but I love our home brand!) marinade ($0.85!) and soaked them for 10 mins before grilling them. The potatoes cooked slower than we were expecting, so we ended up eating the steaks, waiting a bit, then eating the potatoes. They were worth it though. We baked them, cut out a top section and sprinkled minced onion and lay a 1/8th c. wedge of butter in on top, then grilled them (then they weren’t cooked enough when the steaks were done so we popped them back in the oven for longer til they were done). I wasn’t expecting the onion and butter to mix as well as they did, but BAM! ;) We snuggled on the couch the rest of last night, playing The Game of Life for a bit. Stayed up too late to watch Adult Swim, and went to bed. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, but yesterday and Sat were such amazing days that it’s so well worth it.

And so, that’s my weekend. I picked up the stuffing I need for the bear, the zipper I wanted for the car suit, the foam core and braiding I need for the Christmas ornaments, and the frame for Sharon’s stitching project. I’ve got lots to do this week, and lots of time to do it in. We’re going up to Vermont on Friday, so it’ll be nice to see the family.

Well, laundry calls! ;)

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