Today’s going to be quiet. It’s cloudy out… hmm… well, it was a few mins ago. I see a suspicious amount of sunshine trying to peek through though. They said cloudy all day though, so it’s not likely to last.

I’m finishing up the last load of clothes in the dryer. I’ve heard horror stories about the mass quantities of laundry that babies can create. Considering how much Ken and I wear, lets hope those mass quantities are in small packages! ;) I’m thinking of ironing, and finishing up the stitching project, and likely stuffing my bear. I might get energetic and sew the zipper onto the car set, though that might wait til tomorrow when I can do it, and knit the flap all at once.

This afternoon I’m making ch. chip brownies and pudding. If you’ve never had home-made pudding….! You *must* tell me so I can give you the recipe! It’s easy. Made in the microwave (yes you can do it stove-top, but why bother risking scalding it?). You have to watch it so it doesn’t boil over, but when you get it out, and it’s all warm and gooey and chocolatey or vanilla-y or butterscotchy… *drooling* SO worth it! Yummy like pudding/custard, warm and comforting like warm apple pie. I’ll wager plain old pudding from a box or pre-made in a container and warmed up is good too. Try it!

We’re having burgers and onion rings for dinner, with the pudding, since it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week and we won’t be able to barbeque them. I’m thinking mind’ll have that yummy marinade on them. :D I’ll just have one though. Two last time was one too many! ;)

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