That was me last night. I thought my pillow had spontaneously become too thin, so I used a large, folded towel under it to prop it up. I finally slept, after several hours of painful tossing. My whole neck and upper shoulders were killing me! I also took off the tanktop/bra thingy I’ve been wearing to bed because I sometimes tense my shoulders when something’s pulling on them when I sleep (which is why I can’t wear a regular bra to bed right now). I woke up feeling better, and after some snuggling this morning Ken decided to massage my neck and shoulders (after the acting stiff and winces of pain, that is). He’s entirely too good for me! He worked out a lot of the pain, and I can actually move around today with almost no neck pain (it’s been a few days). W00t! He also said my neck/upper back feel more loose… that he could move them around more. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with my pillow afterall. Maybe I’m just more “relaxed”, physiologically, and I’m sleeping wonky. Might be time to switch pillows to something larger.

Ken’s sore throat is clearing up. Last night was a bit rough because he coughed quite a bit before falling asleep. Our bedroom echo’s something fierce! Wonder how we can fix that…

I got the bear stuffed yesterday. It looks really cute, though the big head still looks odd to us. I also got the zipper sewn onto the car suit. I’m not the best zipper sewer, it would seem, especially with this “fabric” since it didn’t want to move and I had to pull/assist it through the machine. However, it’s forgiving, also, of little mishaps, and it’s worked. I’m going to knit a little zipper cover flap today and attach it with a snap closure. I’ll show you tomorrow. I’ve also started on the final binding of the cross-stitch project. One more time around the border and I’ll be ready to press, cut, and frame it. It was a pretty simple project, but I’m still proud of it. After that I’ll likely bind the edges of the Christmas ornaments and cut them out. I’ll see if I have time for the foam-core today (not likely).

Yesterday I said I was going to make brownies, but I decided to put that off until friday. I made pudding though, and Ken really liked it. He agrees with me that warm pudding is the bomb! The burgers were yummy, and I added some of the marinde to mine which made it better, I think. We ended up cooking part of the grill though. It has two shelves that pivot on the side handles and fold into the body of the grill for storage. I’d folded them in and Ken didn’t notice when he turned on the grill. One of them has a “pretty” bubbly texture now. Oops! It’s alright though. We can order replacement parts without problems. They replace every little part of it, including screws! We’d wanted to buy a cover for the grill soon, so we don’t have to use the tarp (soooo classy!), so this way we can save on shipping charges.

It’s cloudy and drizzly out today. It’s supposed to rain for the next 5 days. I’m glad we’ll have a change of scenery for part of that.

Sarah’s been educating me on cord blood banking. It’s not something I’d heard of until I went to the ob/gyn office and it looks really interesting and beneficial. The only problem is that even the cheapest place is an initial payment of $600 plus $90/year. I wish we could swing that this year, but I doubt it. With me not working there’s a lot of things we’d like to do but can’t afford to. Silly money. We need to win the lottery, I think.

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